Junior Coaching - Learning through Laughter



I teach young children to play golf in stages. 

First, we look to instill a love for the game. Then we look to instill the basic discipline they will need to control the golf ball when they get stronger.

Always keeping it fun


As the child progresses we teach the five disciplines required to have a solid golf game.  Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Full Swing & Bunker play.


Around the age of 12 the students developing the strength required to consistently control the golf ball.

Now the coaching becomes more serious.  We start to focus on handicaps and integrating the students into the club and competitions.

At this stage staying on line becomes important and the students become more open to technical input


Finally we look to have students capable of fulfilling their golf potential.   

Many will be happy to play at club level with their friends.  For those who want to take their golf to a higher level: County, National, International & Professional, we have the Academy programme.   You can find details on the Academy page.

Our goal is to ensure our young students spend the rest of their lives loving and playing golf.


When you see me teaching juniors it may look like a junior coaching programme but it’s not.  It is the entry level of a my coaching philosophy adapted for children. 

Let me explain that: I teach my juniors the same skills I teach my elite players.  All that changes is the delivery.  For example an elite golfer has a drill where they have to hole 10, 2ft putts in a row and junior will play a game where they have 10 chances to hole 1, 10ft putt.  As the junior improves the game becomes more challenging (10 chances to hole 2 putts and so on until the day that junior reaches the level where they are drilling it out like a pro.

By extending this principle to all the skills and all the sessions you have juniors learning by playing games based on drills used by Tour Players, it’s that simple.  My programme never changes, it grows with the student  They continue to develop with one coach, with one programme until they fulfill their genetic potential.