When you look negatively you'll see problems

When you look positively you'll see opportunity



Golf is as much, if not more of a mental game, as a physical one.

Little attention is placed on this by many golfers as they continually work and focus to create the “perfect swing”.

However, no matter how well you swing it, things will go wrong, that’s life.  How you deal with these challenges on a golf course is crucial.  Failure to do so correctly, reflectively and positively will cost you shots, maybe even your round and can ultimately destroy your love for the game if it continues.

Where better to learn about these important  “on course tools” you will require in your bag to combat negativity, create a strong and focused mind is where it all happens ….on the Golf Course and ultimately learn the correct way to reflect:  what went well, what could have been better and, most importantly, how are you going to make these changes before the next round! To be honest, your mind is the most important “club” in your bag and a positive mind set will see an average golfer perform way ahead of any “great” golfer with a poor mind set……

Master the mind – Be the controller rather than controlled!!

Lessons can effectively be managed both on the course in a playing lesson or an online call.

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