Download the FREE Golf Coach App

Enter my coach code – KD0106

Remote coaching enables me to coach players, no matter where they are in the world.  At just £20 per lesson remote coaching offers great value for money and it’s easy to set up.  Just download the free Golf Coach app from the app store, enter my code KD0106 and send me a message.

Once the app is installed, use it to video your swing and it will automatically send your video to me.  I will analyse it and send it back to you, with lines and voice over to tell you what you have to do to improve.  You can then send your swing back once you have worked on the advise.

The app is also a useful addition to my face to face lessons.  It enables me to send a video summary, with voice over, of the lesson.  This enables the player to refer to the lesson at a later date.